Brian, commonly known as Beef for his insatiable taste as a dinner time feast, was picked from the local scrap heap and auditioned for the band Fizzgig. Since John and Joe couldn’t find any other long haired hippie looking rock star types for their new project, Beef was in. Joe and Beef had met at the local sand pit playing volleyball in 95’ when Beef overheard Joe saying he was looking for a drummer for his current band. Beef then made a brief stop with Big Mother Gig with Joe on bass, but was released on waivers after a few concert appearances. Beef then became a hermit and studied marsupials full time, but marsupials scared him and he gave that up to become an engineer - because he liked trains. After attending Marquette University for a number of years, he realized he was in the wrong program, there were no trains in engineering. But it was too late to turn back since the bank account was reading negative numbers. However after graduating from Marquette, Beef found out engineering was fairly profitable.

It was around this time when Joe and Beef again spoke at the local sand pit and discussed Joe and John’s new project. Thus began Fizzgig, which was short lived due to a copyright infringement. Then came Beef’s unquenchable taste to make more money. A job offer from California broke up the band in 2001when Beef thought he had it the lottery with California girls, daily golf, and more money than he had ever dreamed. California was short lived also due to a lack of funds by the State of California. Beef was then laid off, came back to Milwaukee, started studying to become a snorkel lift operator, went to see a Fzz show, formerly Fizzgig, and was again asked to become the drummer/comic relief for john and Joe’s project. This is where Fuzee began and has been since. Stay tuned and wait for another improbable outcome in the life story of the most delectable dinner treat ever, BEEF.

Beef was first influenced by Animal from the Muppet Show in 1982. By 1983, he had his first drum set and has been banging away ever since. Neil Peart, Buddy Rich, John Bonham, and Mike Portnoy are drummers that Beef one day wished he could be like but realized early on that he will never become that good. That’s what dreams are made for.

Currently on my MP3 player:

- Dream Theater - Train of Thought

- Hooked on Polkas

- Dream Theater - Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence

- Rush - Moving Pictures

- Dances with Wolves Soundtrack

- Jennifer Love Hewitt - Barenaked

- Iron Maiden - Brave New World



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