Dave - DRUMS

It all happened at a July 4th talent contest at a local park. The songs were The Entertainer and the theme from Star Wars. The instrument was a set of spray painted coffee cans with a serving platter for a cymbal accompanied by a guitar. After an unexpected win, it was time to secure some financing for a “real” set of drums. This was the beginning of a long and always changing journey into music.

Throughout the years I have played with numerous bands in many different styles. Rock, blues, metal, alternative, country to name a few. Although interested in the big guys (Bozzio, Peart, Rich etc) and the monster fills, I have been drawn to the groove. Making the music mesh and make sense by establishing a feel is more rewarding than the solo performance.

In the 90’s, I had played with many long-term projects, Cosmic Debris and Mudflap. I learned from them all and made connections around the Milwaukee music scene. All good things come to an end, as did these bands. It was hard to imagine playing with other people and getting used to their styles. But you can’t stop playing even as your life and career changes.

I have had the opportunity to play with many of Milwaukee’s great musicians in various forms. One of the most enjoyable short-term experiences is Spoof Fest. It is a cover band taken to the next level and then added with an ounce, sometimes a pound, of comedy. If you have not seen, you are missing a great time.

I filled in at a Fuzee show earlier this year ('08) and had a great time. It is fun working with Joe and John and that's what music is about… enjoying the moment.



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