The Legend of FUZEE

FUZEE is a power pop trio fronted by the veterans of several Milwaukee bands. Since the Spring of 2000, we have been purveyors of our own brand of fine, frothy pop tunes.

The music dwells in the snappy essence of power pop yet can morph into tunes defined and driven by moody introspection. Guitar tones clean and light can also riff and chunk. Harmonies twist and lie still. Lyrics provoke and tempt. Drum beats pulse and erupt while the low end thunders from mere silence.

The sound seems to defy any specific description yet fuses together elements of broad musical genres, i.e. 70s classic rock, 80s power pop and post punk along with elements of grunge.

Some of our influences include, Neil Young, Figdish, the Decendents, Tommy Keene, Walt Mink, Jawbox, Foo Fighters and Weezer.

John, has played in bands in the Milwaukee area for around eight years, but has strummed the six string most of his life. One day in 1995 he came to the conclusion that ‘Milwaukee is devoid of bass players.’ With this largely unknown fact to his advantage, he started playing bass in a little pop trio, aptly named Ordeal. after a year and a half on the club scene Ordeal disbanded. Then it was back to the basement drawing board to plan, write, re-write, and record tunes.

Joe, another guitar/bass player got his start in the incredibly dynamic Big Mother Gig–quickly learning his bass duties as well as adding his vocal talents to the emerging three-part harmonies in 1995. Later he would fill out the lineup of Fun(d)short, again on bass and vocals. He would bring his own songwriting style to FUZEE, now on guitar.

Having worked together on and off throughout the 90’s, John and Joe brought differing styles to their new joint project–John largely inspired by 80’s power pop; Tommy Keene, the Replacements, the Plimsouls, to name a few; and Joe’s influences, Walt Mink, Fig Dish, Neil Young, Weezer and, of course, LeftEye Lopes of TLC.

Brian rejoined FUZEE on drums in January 2004. Beef was first influenced by Animal from the Muppet Show in 1982. By 1983, he had his first drum set and has been banging away ever since. Neil Peart, Buddy Rich, John Bonham, and Mike Portnoy are drummers that Beef one day wished he could be like but realized early on that he will never become that good. That’s what dreams are for.

In May of 2008 Dave took over the skins, providing a new backbone for the Fuzee. Check out his bio here.


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