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Fuzee is well underway recording album #3. Nine delicious, musical masterpieces in the works!

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1 / 27 / 11 - JUST ANNOUNCED!!

The boys from the Jake Paul Band (with whom Fuzee is sharing the bill at Shank Hall Friday, Feb. 18) will be hosting a pre-show party that same night at Milwaukee Brat House (1013 Old World 3rd Street) from 6:30-8pm. Fuzee starts the show shortly after 8pm.

There will be tickets available leading up to - and at - the party good for ADMISSION to the Shank show AND free BEER and a BRAT!

So, $10 = a ticket, free beer and free brat. What could be more Milwaukee than that?

If you'd like to get tickets in advance from us, give us a holler, holla!

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We're back on track rocked and rolled..

Several new songs made their debut May 14 at our BBC show. We'll be rehashing them and bringing them out again at our June 11 show at Franks Power Plant in Milwaukee with Pascals Balloon and Crumpler. Join us, won't you?

Then it's the big one. Our HUGE show on the Summerfest Rock Stage, Friday June 25 at 3pm. Take off work and join us for this Summer Fuzee tradition.

Joe, John and Dave

JANuary 2010 Email Fuzee here

Well Hey There!

We're on a bit of a hiatus taking time to enjoy the holidays. We're writing new material and will be ready to rock in our 10th year as a band.

See you soon!
Joe, John and Dave

February 2009 Email Fuzee here

Hello Y'all,

By the time this show rolls around, we will all be daydreaming in unison about the 40 & 50 degree days we enjoyed this week.

Add our next show to your list of things to daydream about.

Fuzee has hooked up with The Pugilists and Sylvia Beach for a show on Sat., Feb. 21st.


On a birthday note: this is Joe's 30-something birthday celebration. He just keeps getting younger as each year passes the rest of us by. How does he do that? Come on out and buy Joe a shot and a beer!

Points East Pub
1501 North Jackson St.
Milwaukee, WI
(414) 277-0122

- 9:00 The Pugilists
- 10:00 Fuzee
- 11:00 Sylvia Beach

We'll make plans to see you there!
John from Fuzee Central

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Fuzee Election Results

The votes are in: Fuzee definitely carried Wisconsin, and, as a result, has a gig.

Now that you're not all distracted by that election thingy, we thought we'd let you know Fuzee has a gig Sat., Nov. 15.

We're at a totally new and cool-vibe venue for us as we gig 'Franks Power Plant' for the first time. We're there with our long lost Minneapolis friends 'Superman Curl' and the always-ready-to-put-on-the-gloves, 'Boxing Day'.

We hope to see YOU there, and we encourage pro-Fuzee electioneering...

Sat. Nov. 15, 2008
Franks Power Plant
2800 S. KK Ave., Milwaukee, WI
- 9:30 pm

August 2008 Email Fuzee here

The year: 2002
The setting: G Daddy's BBC on Milwaukee's East Side, on a very cold January night
The time: eh, probably ten'ish
The band: Fizzgig
The drink: beer

The band takes the stage for the first time playing the hits you now know and love. Following that set, the band Kickstand performs. Then beer. Magic.

Fast forward, six years and 875 shows later...
We're doing it again.
It's kinda like the return of original formula Schlitz.

Kickstand's prodigal son Riz has returned from Malaysia for a month and Fuzee will play at the band's reunion show/party Sept. 5 at BBC. Not only is this show completely free, but so is the beer while it lasts. And with these two bands playing, it may not last long. Get there early and stay late.

So come on down to enjoy some great Milwaukee Rock, drink some brew and catch up with old friends, like Lager Johnson, Ale Ramirez and Jimmy Beerenbacher. Whoa, nearly forgot Tommy O'Stout.

We hope to see YOU there.
- Friday September 5th, 2008
- 9:30 pm
- BBC on North and Farwell Ave's. in Milwaukee, WI
- No cover
- Free beer

June 2008 Email Fuzee here

June 3

Fuzee Haiku

Fuzee without drums
Dave Voss from the band Mudflap
Fuzee whole again

Now that we have drums
June 14 with the Crumpler
Points East Pub will rock

We'll rock Summerfest
Friday June 27
5pm Rock Stage

For those of you not into prose, here's da skinny: After a lengthy search for a drummer - which included turning down Tommy Lee because his rotating drum kit wouldn't fit in our rehearsal spot - Dave Voss has officially joined Fuzee. Dave's been in several Milwaukee bands including Cosmic Debris and Mudflap.

You have the opportunity to welcome him aboard at two upcoming shows:
- Sat., June 14 - Points East Pub - 9 PM
- Fri., June 27 - Milwaukee Summerfest

June 1

"The waiting is the hardest part..." Remember that old Petty song? Well, that chorus rings true to this very day. And, to our good fortune, the waiting is over.

Fuzee has been searching for a replacement drummer following Brian's departure in August '08.
We are pleased to announced the recent addition of Dave Voss to the line up. He has been the drummer for several other Milwaukee outfits including Mudflap, Cosmic Debris, and Chris DeMay & the Thrashers.

Thanks to all of you who come out to our shows. This is an open invitation anyone who hasn't had the chance. Buy Dave a "welcome to the band" beer. Hell, buy the whole band a beer while you are at it...

The flood waters are receding and Summer's almost here. Let's make this a great summer! See you at Points East Pub on June 14 and Summerfest Rock Stage on June 27th (5pm)!

February 2008
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Hey 'dere, Been awhile.
Howya doin'. Doin' good?
Eh, ohh,
Me? Doin' well. Eh ohh. Very well and good.

Two tings:

1. Have you seen 'dese two new Fuzee video's yet? Ting of genius. Check 'em out at or

2. See da band live. It's even 'bedda.
Sat., Feb. 16 at Points East Pub 1501 North Jackson Street, in bootiful but snowy Milwaukee, WI

Ruma has it, and dis didn't come from me, is dat Fuzee... is on FIRST... Yea! I know, right? And at 10PM, even. Den, look out. Da mighty Crumpla will shatter da joint with their awesome dawk power pop stylin's. Anura will den pick up da pieces and leave us feelin' all right...

And it's ladies night**

*it may not be ladies' night. If dere are lots of ladies dere, we'll den call it ladies night, I guess...

You rawk.

NovembeR 2007
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Do we have a Halloween story for you...

John and Joe had just sat down to practice for an acoustic Fuzee gig on Friday, Nov. 9 - opening for Chris DeMay and the Thrashers - when suddenly this black bat flew into our rehearsal space and after a 'poof' and a smokey cloud burst, the bat turned into Brian our former drummer.

So we did what all bands would do with a vampire, we sat him down behind the drums....

We don't know how long he'll stay there before biting us, but he may be there long enough to appear behind the kit on Nov. 9...

Joe from Fuzee is also now a member of Chris DeMay and the Thrashers. This is the debut show for the Thrashers. It's like Neil Young and Crazy Horse with Cheryl Crow playing bass. There's three Thrashers, the others being Anjl Thrasher and Dave Thrasher. Joe's name has remained 'Joe Fuzee' as he decided to keep his maiden name...any offspring, though, will be 'Fuzee-Thrasher' unfortunately.

So please come on out and enjoy some Rock, some Roll some Alt Country and your favorite cigarettes 'cause, by gosh, that's what live music is all about.

Friday, Nov. 9
- 9:30 PM
- 1501 N Jackson St., Milwaukee, WI - 277-0122 -

SEPTEMBER 2007 Email Fuzee here

Man, what a year!

The release of "Shed" - our second full-length disk - in April with shows in Milwaukee and Madison, WI. We had gigs at many new venues includiing Cactus Club In Milwaukee, the Main Stage in Waukesha, WI and JB's Speakeasy in La Crosse, WI.

Following that was our third appearance at the 'worlds largerst music festival', Milwaukee Summerfest, playing to the largest crowd yet.
Big thanks to those of you that came out on that first Friday of the fest. Awesome day.

We finished the Summer with a gig at Great Lakes Dragaway in July followed by a very cool gig in Port Washington, WI at 'Freeport Music Summer Concert Series' sharing the stage with Chicago's 'The Handcuffs' August 17. This show marked the end of our drummer Brian's run with us that started back in 2000. He is retiring from performing and getting married in October. Many thanks to him for a good deal of great times and fun moments on stage during over 60 shows.

John and Joe are currently auditioning drummers, experimenting with arrangements and writing songs for Fuzee disk #3.

August 2007
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Fuzee plays live this Friday, August 17 at the closing night of the Summer-long 'Freeport Music Summer Concert Series'...and it's exactly that: free and in Port.

This will be our drummer Brian's last show with us! He's been with us for 95% of Fuzee's seven years of rock. Come on out and send him off right!

And, come on out because we love you? Yes. We do.

Friday, Aug. 17
- 7:00 PM - Fuzee
- 8:30 PM - The Handcuffs (Chicago)
- No charge
- Location: Veterans Memorial Park Bandshell (Next to Lake Michigan) 424 North Lake Street Port Washington, WI

July 2007 Email Fuzee here

Who likes drag racing?
Who likes motorcycle drag racing?
Who likes bands that drown out the sound of ambulance sirens? You? Cool.

Fuzee Super Set at Great Lakes Dragaway this Thursday night. Bring your bike out and race. After they scrape your carcass from the concrete, embrace the rock!

Fuzee plays 7-10PM
Great Lakes Dragaway
18411 1st St. Union Grove, WI

May 2007 Email Fuzee here

"Fuzee time!
dah dah dah dah
dah dah
dah dah
Fuzee time!
The gigs they be all rollin.
Cactus Club finally in the foldin'
Main Stage out in Rrrrockasha
You and us be tawkin' there-aah..." It's hard to rhyme with Rrrrockasha...

This weekend:
Two big gigs at two cool venues that Fuzee's not played before:
-Cactus Club in Milwaukee, WI
-Main Stage in Waukesha, WI ("Rrrrockasha"!)

Crankin' out the hits from our new disk "Shed".

Friday, May 25 - 10PM
-Cactus Club
2496 S. Wentworth Ave.
Milwaukee 414-482-0160
w/ Evenstar and Breathe Fire Saturday, May 26 - 10PM

-Main Stage
716 Clinton St.
Waukesha, WI
w/ The Pulltops and Shameless Place

APRIL 2007 Email Fuzee here

April 20

'Shed' arrived hot off the presses this afternoon! It turned out damn sweet, we must say. You need to get YOUR copy asap!

Be sure to listen in to 91.7 FM WMSE Tuesday, April 24 at 8PM as we'll be playing songs from the new disk on "Local/Live".

Then listen in on Friday morning to Kramp and Adler on FM 102.1 WLUM where we'll chat all things 'Shed' interview and spin a track. Hear how we managed to get out of the studio alive! Yes, Joe and John are still speaking. Amazing...

THEN, you MUST come out to the big release show on Saturday, April 28 at Points East Pub. You can pick up 'Shed', another copy of 'All Agog' and 6 Fuzee T-shirts. With us will be buds, 'The Cups' and Chicago's very cool 'Central Standard.

If you're in Mad-Town, don't fret, we'll bring the rock TO YOU on May 12 at The Klinic Bar. This is our official Madison, WI release of 'Shed'. You too, Madisonians, can pick up 'Shed', and say, 4 Fuzee T-shirts. Don't know who's playing this one with us yet.

JANUARY 2007 Email Fuzee here

January 17

Happy New Year, all. Hope your holidays were great.

Recording of our second full-length disk, 'Shed' continues on with vocals slowly being crossed off the to-do list. This marks a 'light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel' moment for us as we have surpassed the two-year mark of focusing on this disk - albeit not constantly. We are quite excited by the quality sounds we have and look forward to getting it into your hands. After mixing we'll have the disk mastered and are looking at scheduling a release show in late April.

November 2006

November 28

November 16 we again shared the stage with our favorite art rock trio "Oh My God" now sporting a fourth memeber on guitar. Incredible as always.

November 9

Man, so many cool shows this year...
July 7 at Summerfest...a blast again. Thanks to those of you who made it out on that beautiful Friday.

Cal's bar (Chicago) July 21 was very cool. Looking forward to playing there again Jan. 13, 2007. In August we helped our buds Michael, Dillon and Tom launch their new project, "The Cups" with other old buds Strangeland at Points East Pub. In mid October we hit the road to Terminal Bar in Minneapolis to gig with new friends "Superman Curl" whom we met sharing the stage in Milwaukee at yet another July show. On the way back from Minneapolis we had a stop at Klinic Bar in Madison. Very cool bar. We will be there again Friday, Dec. 15. October 19 we appeared at Bobby Rockets Bar near Lake Geneva. This is another club to keep and eye on as they host more original bands. Large stage, cool club, nice people.

A week later we appeared at Thad's annual Halloween Bash as "Sumo Fuzee", again splitting time with the aforementioned "The Cups".

JUNE 2006 Email Fuzee here


HUGE thanks to those who came out last week Thursday to see us open for L.A.'s 'The Slow Signal Fade'. Your support was VERY much appreciated.

Next up, the big, big stage at Summerfest , July 7, 3PM.
Take off of work. Be there in the sunshine!!

It's a Friday!

MAY 2006

May 15

Thanks to those of you that came out to the shows thus far this year. We appreciate it as always.

Now that the flurry of shows in Feb,, March and April are behind us we're back to recording throughout May and June before our July 7 set at Summerfest 2006.

January 2006 Email Fuzee here

January 31

Well, hey there!
Tracking drums for album No. 2 has wrapped up. Time to dismantle the myriad of cables and mic stands and get the drums back into rehearsal mode for our February 24 gig with our buds Fortyonetwin. You should go. It's Joes Birthday that night!

Joe and John will now make crucial recording decisions for each and every segment of all 13 songs, agonizing over every millisecond. Or they may just lay down stuff and keep it as is...

We already are writing material for album No. 3. We hope to debut some of this super-new stuff soon now that drums are out of the way and we're booking again.

DECEMBER 2005 Email Fuzee here

December 1

We'll be tuning, mic'ing and test tracking the drums tonight in preparation for Brian's grueling sessions that will last throughout December. 13 pure Fuzee tunes to be laid down.

Look for us to do a quick set at Circle A Cafe December 16. It may be Joe and John acoustic or it may be full band. Not sure yet. Come on out regardless for it's with our good buds Fortyonetwin and The Cut Outs. They will be rockin' the joint fer sher.


October 20

HUGE thanks to Melissa at 91.7FM WMSE for allowing us a live, on-air acoustic performance yesterday. John and Joe played stripped down versions of "Fakin'" from our disk "All Agog" and "Lied to" from the disk we're currently working on. Thanks to those of you who have contacted us with your kind words to tell us that you tuned in!

This continued our acoustic experiment as earlier this month we had an awesome time at an evening with the 'Young Guns of Comedy' at the Miramar theater. Thanks to all of you who came out.

Big show coming up!
October 25
with Chicago's OH MY GOD.

Check them out now, go download some of their music. Seeing them live is even better.


Well, it's late September and I really should be back at school...

After a blast with the Fuzee replacement band at Points East Pub Sept. 9, we again enjoyed a very cool all-ages gig in Madison at The Journey Music. Huge thanks to Tom for the booking. He's has a great club going there. Special thanks to all those that grooved to the Fuzee. Some cool bands from Madison and Minneapolis: I Voted 4 Kodos, Apparently Nothing, The Drive Back, and the acoustic Marty Finkle.

Coming up October 7 Fuzee will be appearing at the Miramar Theater with the "Young Guns of Comedy" featuring LA comedian Tom Clark and local funny dudes Tyler Kroll, Jeff Lampton and Russ Martin.

You really have to check out our October 25 show with Chicago's OH MY GOD.
Absolutely go download some of their fine-ass music right now. You will be addicted. If you're only venturesome enough to click on one make it, ummm, what the hell, "Get Steady"....


August 2005 Email Fuzee here

OK. Fuzee hasn't played a Milwaukee club since June. We thought it would be cool if you'd come on out Friday, September 9 to Points East Pub. Yea? With us will be 'Moth' from Cinncinnati and Miwaukee's' Pedal'.

Fuzee has been in the studio throughout August.
John laid down the last of his bass tracks August 16 for the yet to be titled second Fuzee album. Just in time, too. His surgeon was eagerly awaiting cutting him open August 18, looking for a lost watch from many years back. See, apparently John has had this pain in his left shoulder for years. He'd have shooting pains and hear a ticking sound. Finally, he had it scanned reavealing the surgeons circa 1854 pocket watch - a family heirloom. How the watch got there we don't have time to make up right now... Anyway, the surgery went well but he won't be playing his little bass any time soon.

Not to worry though. We've rounded up and blackmailed a trusty back up in the form of Tom Fischer of cool band, Fortyonetwin. He'll be laying it down rock n' roll style. John will still be fulfilling his vocal duties at the shows.

Now, while all that was going on, Brian was out becoming Donald Trump Jr. buying whole city blocks at a time. In his place will be Mike Woelful (ex-Battlestar Cadillactica and filler-inner for everyone in Brew Town) for both September shows.

Joe, meanwhile, will be practicing with these dudes in an effort to bring youl the best damn Fuzee show period.

Coming in October we're very excited to be opening for Chicago's OH MY GOD, a band we absolutely think is awesome. Probably our favorite regional band. You all MUST come out to this show. It's a Tuesday night we realize, but it is totally worth it. We may not be seeing these guys in small clubs much longer. We really need your support this night.


July 2005

Man, you people rock! A call for a Fuzee encore at Summerfest? Are you for real? HUGE thanks to all of you beautiful people that made it down to Milwaukee's lakefront on that gorgeous July afternoon. We met lots of cool, new people, and signed disks, shirts, arms and cheasts.

The other bands we met at the Rock stage that day were awesome as well: Lash from Milwaukee, Exo from Chicago and American Devils from Atlanta. All very cool and rockin'!


June 2005

Fuzee at Summerfest.
Thursday, July 7
Rock Stage
3 PM


May 2005

MAY 17
A quick note or two:

A very cool and complimentary review of Fuzee and our disk "All Agog" appears in the current issue of Maximum Ink Magazine. You can usually find Maximum Ink around town at record and music stores as well as at many of the live music venues. If you can't find a copy, you can check it out on our 'Press' page (The latest issue isn't up on their site yet). Our big thanks to Lane Klozier for the review.

So, this Saturday, May 21 if, you know, you weren't doin' anything Fuzee was thinkin', you know, you might want to go to a dance at G-Daddy's BBC? I hear there's three really cool and rocking bands playin. If you don't wanna that's cool, we just thought we'd ask, 'cause we think you're really cool and, you know, you're really hot...

Brian is back from his Florida hiatus with skin all pink and peeling. HUGE pussy sores all over...we don't know what the hell he was doing down there...BUT he is ready to take his place back behind the skins (no pun intended).

Big thanks to those of you who came out to the Guitar Bar show April 23 to see special guest drummer Micheal Woelful help us out. Our big thanks to him. Much fun had during a very interesting night...Sydney Hih building on fire, extra bands added to the bill during our set...drunk 21 year olds dancing and bachelorette party bachlorettes staggering about. Now that's rock and roll! We shall be back there soon!

Next up:
We are headlining at BBC May 21. We lined up a very cool band from Madison called 'The Treats' and will be bringing our good buds fortyonetwin as well - just 'cause we love to watch them play their songs...


March 2005

March 21

HUGE THANKS to the throngs of people that packed Points East Pub Saturday for our release show. You are the absolute BEST! The DL energized the crowd with a solid set before Fuzee took the stage. Big thanks to them.

We were a bit disappointed the handbill-eating girl who was hopping about Points East last weekend didn't show up, but the rest of you more than made up for it. She must have eventually eaten the section of the handbill that listed the date.


After watching UWM advance in the tournament this Thursday night, March 24, Fuzee was thinkin' you should come out to Linnemann's to conclude our CD release week festivities. We'll be playing all the hits before our buds, The Cut Outs, take the stage. These guys have been playing a bunch in Chicago. They are worth a Thursday night Riverwest foray - just like back in the day when the weekends started a day early...

March 12

One week...
Seven days...
A bunch of hours...

The Fuzee release party show and the official release of "All Agog"...
Their fist studio album...
March 19...
Points East Pub...
1501 North Jackson Street, Milwaukee

Now. All you have to do is make it through St. Patty's day. Save some energy for the 19th!

We've got a great opening band, The DL scheduled. Sweetness at its sweetest.

And we've a special surprise St. Patty's tribute with Billy Bono and his band.

Before any of this, of course, tune into 91.7 FM WMSE March 16 at 1:30 pm as Joe will wax nostalgic about the last year in the recording studio. He'll recall the time when Brian laughed, John cried and recount a fabulous little story when Fuzee ran out of beer...actually they all cried when that occurred.



February 23

Thanks to all that hooted, hollered and danced to the Fuzee at Vnuk's February 19. We appreciate it - always. An excellent night of music all around. Our big thanks to Strange Land for the invite and hospitality. You rock. Test Site were some very cool dudes.

Ya Goin? You Gotta!

So,'ve got to make it out March 19 for the Fuzee CD release show! Lots of fun planned . An excellent opener scheduled, our buds, "The DL". Don't miss them. They'll be on around 10 'ish. Fuzee after that.

Radio Waves

Listen for Fuzee March 16, 1:30 pm on 91.7 FM WMSE as we'll be on the air playing tunes off the new disk "All Agog" and chatting about how we made it out of the recording studio alive...well Joe didn't, but, eh, whatever...

February 14

(cover of red-hued, heart-encrusted Valentine's Day card)

"Whenever I think of you..."

(inside card)

"my heart says, 'when is that damn Fuzee disk going to be done?'"

Feel the love y'all. We're all agog here at Fuzee headquarters.

"All agog" is done and ready for your listening pleasure.

Why, it seems like just yesterday when we hit the studio on that cold November '02 morning and were subsequently informing all of you it would be just 'a few more months'

But the disk is actually completely done and in our hands. Thanks for hanging in there with us, coming out to shows, and always showing the love...even when it wasn't Valentine's day.

C'mon out to Vnuk's this Saturday, February 19, for your first chance to see and to own 'All Agog' as we open for Strange Land's CD release show. Fuzee starts off the show at approximately 9:30 followed by Test-Site and then Strange Land.

OUR official release blowout show is MARCH 19 at Points East Pub with special guests the awesome, 'The DL'.



January 2005

January 31

Happy new year. A tad late, yes.

The Fuzee album " All Agog" is all a go. It should be back in our hands mid-February.

We have a slew of shows coming up in support of the album. C'mon out. Feb 19 at Vnuks as we open for Strange Land at their CD release show.

Do not miss this historic event.

We have a follow up release show March 24 at Linnemann's with The Cut Outs.



December 27

Merry Christmas to Fuzee.

The disk is done y'all.

We spent an evening with Trevor Sadler at Mastermind Productions last week tweaking the songs and on Christmas Eve day picked up a 5 ounce bouncing baby master disk. We're working feverishly to have it replicated asap. Are you happy? We definitely are...

Our self imposed hiatus went into effect in September so we could finalize recording. Well, people, with the completion of the CD, that's ALL over. We been asked to play a very cool bill at Points East Pub with our buds Rock Star Club (from Chicago) and Milwaukee's own Spirit Horse. There's a slight chance our CD will be replicated in time for that show but we aren't holding our breath. Stay tuned for details.

Check out Brian's bio over at his page. We finally got him to sit at a computer long enough to drum at the keyboard. Amazingly, when smashing the keys, sentences were formed that told his story.

December 9

Remember that musical disk Fuzee is always talking about releasing? The one that is always 'almost done'? Well it's going to be 6 more years....

C'mon now! That's not true.

Actually - believe it or else y'all - Fuzee is scheduled to have the disk mastered on December 20. (Mastering is the last stage of the recording process before mass duplication and CD packaging.) Then we'll have a large, somewhat raucous rock show with a very special guest band at a handsome local pub that specializes in various musical performances.

As mentioned in an earlier news flash here, we've been recording, mixing and producing the CD ourselves since March and it's been sweet. The Fuzee hits -12 in all mind you - are soundin' so good we've got so sop them up with a hot biscuit. Man, they've got more moves than Ex Lax...



November 4

Well, John-boy decided to fall ill and we had to cancel our acoustic show last month. We've yet to play the hits stripped down. He's recovered though, we think. He still hacks a lot.

Brian claims he wrote about himself - his favorite topic - for his bio page and that it's ready to be posted. Yet we've not seen this piece of fiction based reality. Quality can't be rushed in Fuzee-land.

There's been a flurry of activity with recording as Joe's been sweetening the drum tracks and the mixes overall. Not long now, people. Maybe 6 or 7 more months.



October 5

We are taking some time away from gigging to finish recording save for an intimate acoustic performance Joe and John have been invited to play Oct. 16 at an autumnal themed barn party. (Ya gotta love October!) It's Fuzee's first acoustic set ever!

We've been recording and producing the upcoming album ourselves since March and it's been going great. We have 13 strong songs nearly complete.

Joe and John are finishing up some fixes to a few of the hits this week. Then, sometime after mastering, we'll have the disk ready for y'all. We'll have a rip roarin' CD release party. For those of you who can't wait until then (we've been getting many complaints that y'all need something to listen to from us after all this time!) check the 'Sounds' page as we'll post more snippets very soon.

We have 20 more songs to start recording as soon as this disk is done!

We thank all of you who have supported us over the last two and a half years. You've made it a blast! We couldn't have done it without you.




We've posted some snippets of Fakin', Kill the Rock Star, Room and our WMSE interview over at the sounds page.

We're playing Marquette University on Friday, September 24 10 PM at the Annex with our buds The Cut Outs (formerly Interstatic). We'd love to romance your pants off with our sexy songs! Come on out!



AUG 11 :: Summer? Where'd ya go? Why have you forsaken us?

It's like 59 degrees here in Brew own today...what the?

Recording is done! Mixing is 90% done. Mastering is not done at all...

John is writing songs at such a frantic pace that we'll have two more albums to record by next month.

We have a cool show coming up at Points East Pub. Share the love. Come on out? eh?


JULY 2004

JULY 16 :: Summer, Summer, Summer, it turns me upsidedown.

So we finished mixing three songs, mastered them and hurried a demo out to Rock 102.1 before our Vnuks show this coming Sunday. Ya comin' dudes? It's summer! It's time to be hungover on a Monday!


JUNE 2004

June 21 :: Don't wake us...

FUZEE filled two last minute slots last week after a very good set at Mad Planet with LMNOP and The DL. The gigs had us opening for Skywynd on Thursday at VNUk's and a Friday fundraiser/party.

With the three shows we did last week recording has once again come to a hibernative state. Our studio heart rates slowed as we lived off fat reserves. Regardless, we will rise again, mic up the drum set, strap on the headphones, open a beer, drink that beer and forage for the strength to persevere! Many songs are progressing steadily. The FUZEE hits are in all different states of completion, from the later stages of mixing to having to redo drum tracks on one tough, little tune called 'Chasm'. That song just does not want to be captured!

The next time we'll emerge to feel the warm sun and check out our shadows will be our appearance at the Rock 102.1 'Milwaukee Rocks Live' broadcast at Vnuks Sunday, July 18.

Why don't you come see us? Great.

June 6 :: Operation Overlord

Oh Man, what a power pop bleitzkreig for you this Saturday, June 12 at Mad Planet! Tasty musical gems will be abundant as Fuzee will appear with LMNOP and The DL (debut show).

We've been recording continuously for three and a half weeks now. Very little food left. Scattered amounts of sleep. Empty bottles of Point Beer everywhere. Our skin hasn't even come close to being caressed by the sun and is quite pale. We've named and can recognize 8 centipedes.

In other news, our former drummer Zak is in Korea teaching English. He's been sending an excellent journal of sorts about his experiences. Check it out on Zak's page.


MAY 2004


FUZEE is not minding the Seattlesque rain here in Brewtown as we continue to live subterreaneously in our studio. Solid drum tracks have been laid down for Kill the Rock Star, Room, Gonna Run, L'America, Thirtysecondisease, Gotta Grit?, and our soon to be released European single, Downtown Underground. Brian has been playing so much his arms are all bruised and swelled. Joe will undergo the punishment next as he lays down hundreds of guitar and vocal tracks, eclipsing Def Leppard's record number of layers...

We will rise to the surface once again May 28 as we play a set at the Dr's Office. 10 pm sharp.See you then?


So, it's Spring... finally! Beautiful weather here in Brew town every fifth day. We've been spending much of the rainy days below ground tightening up material for recording, soldering microphone cables and honing tasty new Fuzee tunes. We are now set to record and will go at it quite intensely....just in time for nice weather....

Joe and John have already laid down some initial guitar and keyboard tracks on 'Friday Nights'. Later that night, which just happened to be Friday night, we checked out Kickstand, Sidetract and Sprial Trance at the new Rock Shop. Nice.

Don't forget our next show coming up quickly, May 28 at the Dr's Office. No cover, so you can drink more beer...


APRIL 2004

FUZEE is gearing up to finish recording, believe it or else... Beef is up to speed on the songs again and is ready to ley down drum tracks on 7-9 more power pop gems.

Joe participated in Spoof Fest April 17 playing the part of Don Felder of the Eagles along with Bruce and Brian of Reilly, Chad of Strangeland and John Southmayd. A wonderful weekend of spoofdom was had by the masses in attendance. Two nights of a full Vnuks room. Thanks to all of you that came out.

Look for FUZEE May 28 at the Dr's Office.


MARCH 2004

Our March 5 show at Vnuks with LMNOP and Interstatic was probably our best ever. Brian is quickly finding his way behind the kit with FUZEE once again. A very fun night all around.





We filled a last-minute opening slot February 21 with Freak at the Dr.'s Office. Them Freak boys are good...

Our show February 13 at BBC with Kickstand and Broken was a blast. Good to play a show with the boys from Kickstand again. We'll be doing it again soon. Broken opened the show and energized the crowd with solid set.



January 14: Chad Novell of Strangeland sat in on bass once again as we played a showcase show at the Rock Shop. Thanks to those of you who stuck it out until the wee hours of the morning.

Oh, by the way, we changed our name to FUZEE.



Fuzee played a private party December 13 in Milwaukee's Third Ward and shared the stage December 19 with the mighty Rock Star Club (from Chicago) and Fortyonetwin at The Rock Shop. Molitor and Anura rounded out the bill that night.

Chad Novell of Strangeland filled in for John at our December 6 all-ages show at Shorewood Legion. Very interesting evening of youthful exuberance sharing the stage with Vox Humana of Madison and The Saltshakers. We finally met Interstatic who had contacted us about doing the show months earlier, never having met previously. They had very a cool sound as they closed out the night. We look forward to gigging with them again.


April 19, 2003

Super Fantastic Rock Show. Fizzgig rocked Vnuks with buds Battlestar Cadillactica and a cool band called Sidetract. The Fizzgig sound met the Battlestar sound as we used their gear in a major sound experiment. The experiment went so far as to put Jeff's 'bright' orange Ibanez guitar in Joe's hands for several songs, further blurring the lines of reality! Or as Moe from 'The Simpsons' would say, "Whaaaaaa???"

Sidetract just packed the place. Our big thanks to them. They are some very cool, decent dudes. We hope to see and play a show with them again soon.


April 14, 2003

Y'all get your taxes done?

Fizzgig T-shirts are ready! Whooohooooooo! We'll have them available for the first time at our April 19 show at Vnuks. Check them out here.

Recording is continuing. John and Joe have been working out final overdubs for L'merica, Gonna Run, Downtown Underground and Fakin'. Our anticipated Spring release probably will not be a reality. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause...


April 4, 2003

Witnessed Kickstand and Chris Conrad's band, Shattered, kick some butt at BBC. Highly recommended...

March 29, 2003

Observed Dave Dinan and Company create jazz excellence at Velvet Room.

March 15, 2003

Fizzgig and Strangeland at Points East Pub. Much merriment had by all. Very fun show, much thanks to all of you who came out.



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