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Fuzee releases power pop "All Agog" at Points East Pub
March 18, 2005

By Josh Hertzog //

Members of Fuzee are more concerned with their music than being wrapped up in themselves.

"We're not cocky," says singer and guitarist Joe Neumann. "There's no reason to be. We play because we enjoy it."

And that's the foundation on which the power pop rock group Fuzee -- including Neumann, John Schneider on vocals and bass and Brian Rutkowski on drums -- builds on.

"We gravitate away from the type of people who think they're bigger than 'it'," Schneider says.

Fuzee, formed in 2000, creates its own gravitational pull of supporters and listeners with quality music from down-to-earth guys.

The band is excited to release its debut CD, "All Agog," at a CD release party Saturday, March 19 at Points East Pub.

"All Agog" is a disc that supplies thought-provoking lyrics and beats. These purveyors of crunchy power pop don't let up for a minute or throw boring three-chord songs at the listener. The diversity in tracks allows punk rock to mingle with pop rock without the teenage undertones.

Unlike many albums, "All Agog" provides a taste of the band's talents from the get-go with rocking guitars and impressive harmonies adding dimension.

"Harmonies are our extra instruments, since there are only three of us," Neumann says. The members were surprised how well their vocals clicked.

"It was awesome to have our voices work so well together," Schneider says. "It must be that Midwest twangy nasality."

Influenced by the Foo Fighters and bands from the Chicago and Minneapolis scenes, Fuzee is relieved to have a full-length album available.

"It's taken awhile, but it's worth it," Schneider says. "Many bands aren't together this long, so we're grateful every day."

The live performances are where Fuzee really proves its genuineness.

"We like to have interactions with the crowd," Schneider says. "We do give-aways at random times and do trivia."

"We even had a guy do stand-up comedy in the middle of a set," Neumann adds. "A friend of mine, who is now a stand-up comic in Los Angeles, did an act during a break. It was great."

Fuzee doesn't just settle into one method for live shows either.

Although Neumann says, "we're always willing to try different things," Fuzee wasn't ready to try a band without a drummer.

"We were having auditions for a drummer," Schneider says. "We found this guy who was good and we asked him to come and audition for us. Problem was, the guy showed up without a drum set. So of course, he didn't get an audition."

The "All Agog" CD release party at Points East Pub, 1501 N. Jackson St., starts at 10 p.m. on Saturday. The album can also be purchased at Exclusive Company and Atomic Records.

Watch for Fuzee in the near future as the band will grace the stage at Linneman's River West Inn on Thursday, March 24 and BBC in May. Visit for further details.

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